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Rotens Minne 2020-03-01

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The entryform consist of 7 pages with questions who must be answered.
What you can choose on certain pages, is depending on your answers on previus pages.
You can always back up to erlier pages and change your information.

On the last page you will see your all your information you have entered.
When you have confirmed your entered information, your electronic entry has been registered.

The registration of your entryform dosent mean its approved
You wont be able to find your self in the list of entered drivers.
Your name will be in the list of entered drivers when your entry form has been approved
whish may be a couple of days.

You must compleate your entry whitin 15 minutes per page.
But your entry must be completed by the 2020-02-23 18:00:00

N.B. If you do not confirm that we may store and show your information
then we can not accept you as an entrant.

If you do not state your E-mail adderess you will not receive any information!

Have read the invitation:* Read the invitation
Contact E-mail:
Confirms storage and showing of my information*

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